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National Geographic GeoBee
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Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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This year JMS will participate in a new competition!

This year, JMS will be participating in an exciting competition, National Geographic's GeoBee.  There will be 3 rounds to the competition.  The first round will take place in all Social Studies classes and 5 winners will be named from each grade level.  Mr. Jackson, Ms. Smith, Ms. Bellflowers, and Ms. Daniel will announce when those competitions will take place.  Those 20 students will then receive a pizza party from Mr. Willis!  Next, they will compete in the school competition in January.  The winner of the school competition will then complete the test for the state level.  If they qualify, they will compete at the state level, and then potentially the national level in Washington, D.C.!  So start preparing to wipe out the competition in the National Geographic GeoBee!


For More Information about the GeoBee, CLICK HERE.

For Study Materials to Prepare for the GeoBee, CLICK HERE.

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