Welcome to Johnsonville Middle School

Johnsonville Middle School Building

Johnsonville Middle School is a small, rural, public school located in Johnsonville, South Carolina, and is the only middle school in Florence School District Five.

Serving approximately 376 students, JMS contains grades five through eight, with fifth grade being served in a "Fifth Grade Academy."  During their time at JMS, students participate in rigorous classes to meet the expectations that are set forth for them by their teachers and administrators.  They are also given the opportunity to participate in many sports, clubs, and other extra-curricular activities such as Choir and Theatre Art.

Every educator and staff member at JMS strive to ensure that all students receive a high-quality and safe education during their time at JMS.

Originally, Johnsonville Middle School was located on the outskirts of Johnsonville on Midway Highway.  In 1996, they broke ground for what would be the new Johnsonville Middle School.  (see Florence Morning News Article below, published on September 24, 1996).  This was an exciting time for this small community!  In 1997, the building was finished (see Dedication Plaque Below) and ready to welcome the students of Johnsonville.  This school is where the students of Johnsonville are still served today.

Florence Morning News Article, September 24, 1996
Dedication Plague of Johnsonville Middle School